Payments Methods

Payments Methods

Methods of payment & Payment of orders

For your convenience you can choose to pay for your purchases in the following ways:

1. With free cash on delivery upon delivery of the product:

It is possible to pay for orders by cash on delivery. Cash on delivery is made only in cash at the place indicated by the customer. COD service is provided free of charge.

2. By deposit in a bank account: If you do not have a credit, debit or prepaid card or if you can not easily be at home during the hours we will deliver, you can pay for your order through a bank account.

Prepaid your order in one of the following accounts of the Banks we work with. The procedure for depositing in the company’s bank account is as follows:

• When completing your order, you choose “Bank Deposit” as a payment method

• Deposit the amount of money in one of the following accounts of the company:

Piraeus: IBAN: ************************************************

National Bank of Greece : IBAN: *******************************

Pancretan Bank: IBAN: ****************************************

Alpha Bank : IBAN: *********************************************


For deposit reason, always enter your order number. (It is necessary so that there is no delay in processing your order.) Once you make the deposit you should inform us about it (by sending mail or by phone) in order to proceed with the preparation and sending of your order.