During your visit to korilindos.com  and in order to order products and to ensure that we can contact you to keep you up to date on new products, you may be asked to provide information about your name (name , phone, city, email address, etc.). Any personal data you provide anywhere on the pages and services of the website korilindos.com is intended solely for the purpose of safeguarding the operation of the respective service and may not be used by any third party without complying with the provisions of the Law. 2472/97 on the protection against the processing of personal data as it applies at all times.

The online shop korilindos.com, operates in accordance with the applicable Greek and Community law and securely holds your personal data for as long as you are subscribed to a service of korilindos.com

The personal data you provide to korilindos.com is used exclusively for the purpose of supporting, promoting and executing the transaction. The records kept may be communicated to the competent judicial, police and other administrative authorities upon their lawful request and in accordance with any applicable laws. The Customer has, within the framework of the telecommunications privacy legislation, the information and objection rights provided for in Articles 11 to 13 of Law 2472/1997.

The information we ask of you


Every visitor can browse the korilindos.com online store without giving any personal information. We will only need personal data (e-mail, phone) when you become a member or order products or if you choose to receive our newsletter.

Product purchase information:

The essentials for each transaction are your name, a landline or mobile phone, address (street, city, postal code), order shipment address and document type (receipt, invoice).

Document data:

In case we issue an invoice we need the name of the company, VAT. and address of its registered office. In summary, we only ask for as much information as we need to enjoy a unique shopping experience, consistent delivery of the products you order, secure payment of your order, and personalized service based on your needs and preferences.


In order to be able to provide a personalized service, most large companies use alphanumeric identifiers, cookies. Cookies are small files (text files), which are sent and stored on the user’s computer, allowing websites such as korilindos.com to operate smoothly and without technical irregularities, to collect multiple user selections, to identify them. frequent users, to facilitate their access to it, and to collect data to improve the content of the site. Cookies do not harm users’ computers or the files stored on them. We use cookies to provide you with information and to process your orders and are automatically deleted at any time you exit the site. Please be aware that cookies are absolutely necessary for our site to function properly and seamlessly.

Secure Transactions

korilindos.com recognizes the importance of the security of your personal data as well as your electronic transactions and takes all the necessary measures, with the most advanced and advanced methods, to ensure your maximum security. All information related to your personal information and transactions is secure and confidential. The security of the online shop korilindos.com is achieved by the following methods.

Customer recognition

The details used to identify you are two: your email and your Personal Security Code (password), which give you complete access to your personal information every time you register. You are allowed to change your Personal Security Code (password) and your email address as often as you wish. You are the only one who has access to your information through the foregoing and you are solely responsible for maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of third parties. In case of loss or leak, you should notify us immediately, otherwise the website korilindos.com is not responsible for the use of the password by an unauthorized person. For security reasons, we recommend that you change your password at regular intervals and avoid using the same and easily traceable passwords (eg date of birth). We also recommend that you use not only letters and numbers but also symbols and password creation.

Controlled Access (Firewall)

Access to korilindos.com (servers) systems is controlled by a firewall, which allows the use of specific services by customers / users, while blocking access to systems and databases with confidential company information and information.

Trading secrecy

Confidentiality is considered self-evident. The same basic principles that apply to classical transactions apply to e-commerce. All information transmitted by the user / member to korilindos.com is confidential and korilindos.com has taken all necessary measures to use them only insofar as this is necessary in the context of the services provided. Some of the measures taken are as follows: – Only authorized employees have access to your transaction information and only when necessary, eg. to process your applications. –korilindos.com does not disclose the details of its customers and their transactions, unless it has a written authorization from you or is required by a court order or decision of another public authority. – If korilindos.com uses third parties to support its systems, it ensures confidentiality. – You can ask for any details kept for you and correct them if you can substantiate the error. – For your own safety, you should also treat all information provided through the service as confidential and confidential and not disclose it to third parties.