Lemon oil

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Notes from: lemon, lime and lemongrass

Aroma: fresh, lemony, citrusy, slightly sweet and green, grassy, herbaceous, intense and refreshing

Aroma strength: very strong

Colour: pale yellow

Size: 10ml

only for external use


Safety considerations:

This lemon oil is regarded as highly sensitising oil.

When used in a vapouriser / diffuser, it should be used in moderation to avoid mucous membrane irritation (e.g. itchy eyes).

It is not used in pregnancy or breastfeeding due to it being sensitising.

essential oil is not suitable for people with hypersensitive or damaged skin and should not be used on the skin of children under the age of 2. For all others, they recommend a maximum dermal use level of 0.7% for all skin applications in order to avoid skin irritation or sensitisation.


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